About Us

The Jsc Tsivilnefteorgsintez Refinery is part of a new stream, one of the advanced and largest oil production companies in Russia. It has a vast research potential and experience in using state-of-the-art technologies for the exploration and production of oil. It is ranked top 10 in Oil production and top 5 in terms of refining of crude oil. he Oil reserves and its resource base of the Company is based in parts of the oil-producing region of Volga-Ural Province and in other parts of Russia.



To be world-renowned refinery and petrochemical industry of highest quality standard of production and sale of oil products with strong emphasis on productivity, efficiency, Customer's satisfaction, provision of healthy and safely environment, corporate social responsibility and care of employees.



Sutain leadership and long-term development in conservation of energy, and efficiency, productivity and innovation of oil products. To maintain highest-standards of business values, maintain global standards in health and safety norms towards the welfare of the community. And capitalise on emerging opportunities of both domestic and international market.


Why Choose Us

We are more agile than most oil refineries in Russia. And having been a long-term player with absolute knowledge of the industry, We consistently address the need to enhance our fuels technology to develop more efficient and clearer product through investment in research, development and collaboration with our customers.

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