The Bitumen Grade Production LLC, an arm of JSC Tsivilnefteorgsintez Refinery is an enterprise known for its sophisticated and innovative technologies for a wide range of high quality production of road and roofing bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders. It is one of the leading producers and suppliers of Bitumen products with a tar processing facility for the production of different road bitumen grades in Russain market and beyond. Our total sales in 2014-2015 reaches about 1MT.
After its 100% share acquisition and legal proceedings were completed, it became a branch of JSC Tsivilnefteorgsintez Refinery - a tar processing facility.
The different stages of modernization of the facility observed which began in 2012 is as follows:

  • Construction of gas high, mid and low pressure gas pipeline and a boiler room construction - finished in October 2013;
  • Modernization of P-2 and P-3 Process Heaters;
  • Reconstruction and Modernization of Tank Farm;
  • More than 75% Completion of Pipelines and equipment modernization for energy efficiency and production improvement;
  • Introduction of Bar Code scanning for solid products;
  • Modernization and Modification of Bitumen Production Unit and a Mixing Block Launch completed in 2015 to increase the capacity by 45%.